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Our Staff

Paul Leslie
Chair, Environment and Ecology
Professor, Department of Anthropology
Fellow, Carolina Population Center
Office: 3202G Murray Hall
Phone: (919) 962-5300 or (919) 445-0415
Jennifer Parker
Business Officer/Department Manager
Office: 3202H Murray/Venable Hall
Phone: (919) 962-2117
Kimberly Campbell
Accountant (Contract and Grant management, pre- and post-award Proposal support)
Office: 3202D Venable/Murray Hall
Phone: (919) 962-0731
Violet Anderson
Administrative Support Specialist (Student Services, Student Employee HR Support, Course Scheduling, Room Reservations, Service Permits, Building Access)
Office: 3202B Murray/Venable Hall
Phone: (919) 962-1270
Brian Pelton
Business Services Coordinator (Support for: Purchasing, Payments, and Reimbursements incl. Travel/CABS/Flights, Websites, Email/Listserv, Facilities and Dept. Vehicles)
Office: 3202C Murray/Venable Hall
Phone: (919) 962-0190
Baskin Cooper
OASIS Computing Specialist (Computer, Network and Technical Support)
Office: 3202J Murray/Venable Hall
Phone: (919) 642-3090