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Recent Graduate Alumni – Where are they now?

Diamond VE Holloman
Ph.D., Ph.D., 2020 | Advisor(s): Gabriela Valdivia
Research: Environmental Justice, hurricane recovery, critical urban ecology

Ph.D., Ph.D., 2020 | Advisor(s): Karl Castillo
Research: Ocean acidification and ocean warming effects on Caribbean coral reefs

Ph.D., Ph.D., 2020 | Advisor(s): Joel Fodrie
Research: Food web linkages, Habitat connectivity, Marine community ecology

Margit Bertalan
Ph.D., Ph.D., 2019 | Advisor(s): Paul Leslie
Research: Social-ecologial systems, wildlife conservation, community based conservation, East Africa

Ph.D., Ph.D., 2019 | Advisor(s): Jaye Cable
Research: Groundwater-surface water interactions, hyporheic zone clogging, stable isotope geochemistry

Ph.D., Ph.D., | Advisor(s): Dr. Clark L. Gray, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, UNC-CH
Research: I examine the socio-political and environmental factors that exacerbate or mitigate rural household indebtedness in India. I employ analysis of large secondary datasets like NSSO and IHDS alongside qualitative methods like semi-structured interviews with farmers to understand why even seemingly modest sums of outstanding debts cause farmers distress.

Garrett Sharpe
Ph.D., Ph.D., | Advisor(s): Alecia Septer and Scott Gifford
Research: Coastal Microbial Interactions and Metabolism

Lauren Goodman
M.S., M.S., 2020 | Advisor(s): Alex Hearn & Jaye Cable
Research: Using drone technology to geolocate shark nurseries

Erin Spencer
M.S., M.S., 2019 | Advisor(s): John Bruno
Research: Sustainable fisheries, marine protected area management, coral reef ecology

Ph.D., 2020 | Advisor(s): John Bruno
Research: Coral reef ecology, marine conservation, fisheries reform, natural resource management

Ph.D., 2019 | Advisor(s): Peter White
Research: Ecological biogeography; vegetation dynamics; species distribution modeling; soil moisture modeling and forest change in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Matthew Kenworthy
Ph.D., 2019 | Advisor(s): Joel Fodrie
Research: Estuarine ecosystem ecology, fish behavior and habitat use dynamics, coastal fish community dynamics

Ph.D., 2018 | Advisor(s): Joel Fodrie
Research: Community assembly patterns, habitat restoration in marine communities

Ph.D., 2018 | Advisor(s): Robert Peet
Research: Long-term forest dynamics, succession, climate change, long-term disturbance effects

Now at: Assistant Professor of Biology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio
Samantha Tessel
Ph.D., 2018 | Advisor(s): Peter White
Research: Plant ecology

Molly Jenkins
M.S., 2018 | Advisor(s): Allen Hurlbert
Research: Working with data that spans large spatial or temporal scales, ornithology, and mountain/forest ecology

Olivia Torano
M.S., 2018 | Advisor(s): Michael Piehler
Research: Freshwater ecology, aquatic vegetation, nutrient cycling

Now at: Research Specialist, UNC Department of Marine Sciences Marchetti Lab
Genevieve Alexander
M.S., 2018 | Advisor(s): Peter White
Research: Plant community composition & long term vegetation monitoring in Northern Minnesota

Now at: The Nature Conservancy in Duluth, MN as a Research Assistant
Ph.D., 2017, M.S. | Advisor(s): Michael Piehler
Research: Coastal watershed hydrology and biogeochemistry, stormwater management

Now at: Research Technician in the Piehler lab at UNC Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) in Morehead City, NC
Maggie Esch
Ph.D., 2017 | Advisor(s): Jaye Cable
Research: Coastal and estuarine hydrological and biogeochemical processes

Now at: Research Associate at National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Washington, DC
Ph.D., 2017 | Advisor(s): Conghe Song
Research: Landscape forest dynamics, remote sensing, land use land cover change, conservation

Now at: Rice University Department of Statistics and the Kinder Institute for Urban Research as a Rice Academy of Fellows Postdoctoral Fellow
Bianca Lopez
Ph.D., 2017 | Advisor(s): Peter White
Research: Urbanization and its effects on plant communities

Now at: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) in Annapolis, MD
Anthony Mayer
M.S., 2017 | Advisor(s): Alan Weakley
Research: Restoration ecology

Now at: Elon University - Loy Farm Sustainability Lab, Adjunct Professor
Samuel Sellers
Ph.D., 2017 | Advisor(s): Pam Jagger and Richard Bilsborrow
Research: Evaluating population-health-environment interventions that combine programming in reproductive health and coastal conservation

Now at: USAID Office of Forestry and Biodiversity in a AAAS Fellow position as a Biodiversity Specialist
Ph.D., 2017 | Advisor(s): Todd BenDor
Research: Climate Change Adaptation; Environmental Policy and Planning

Now at: Assistant Professor at Texas A&M in the Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning Department
Hannah Palko
M.S., 2017 | Advisor(s): Lindsay Dubbs
Research: Environmental impacts of salinity gradient energy as a form of renewable energy on the NC coast

Now at: Central Cabarrus High School (NC), teaching biology and AP environmental science
Ph.D., 2016 | Advisor(s): Robert Peet
Research: Invasive species ecology, community ecology, population dynamics

Now at: Assistant Professor of Biology at St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa
Ph.D., 2016 | Advisor(s): Charles Mitchell
Research: Disease Ecology

Now at: Lecturing Fellow of the Thompson Writing Program, Duke University, Durham, NC
Ph.D., 2016 | Advisor(s): Peter White
Research: Plant community dynamics, functional trait ecology

Now at: The University of Bayreuth, Disturbance Ecolgoy Department as a Post-Doctorial Scholar
Limei Ran
Ph.D., 2015 | Advisor(s): Larry Band
Research: Land surface processes for meteorological and air quality modeling

Now at: National Exposure Research Laboratory Office of Research and Development U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Brian Evans
Ph.D., 2014 | Advisor(s): Allen Hurlbert
Research: Quantitative ecology

Now at: Smithsonian Institution
Susan Caplow
Ph.D., 2014 | Advisor(s): Pamela Jagger
Research: Human Ecology, Environmental Education, Policy

Now at: University of Montevallo, Alabama
Rachel Gittman
Ph.D., 2014 | Advisor(s): John Bruno & Pete Peterson
Research: Human development impacts on coastal ecology

Now at: Assistant Professor at East Carolina University (ECU), Department of Biology
Ph.D., 2014 | Advisor(s): Robert Peet and Alan Weakley
Research: Plant community ecology, biogeography

Now at: University of Wyoming
Jackie White
Ph.D., 2014 | Advisor(s): Robert Peet
Research: Riparian plant communities, disturbance regimes, resilience

Andrea Anton Gamanzo
Ph.D., 2013 | Advisor(s): Pete Peterson
Research: Coral reef ecology

Now at: Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland
Ph.D., 2013 | Advisor(s): Paul Leslie
Research: Social-dimensions of conservation; resilience; pastoralism; rangeland ecology; dryland rivers

Now at: North Central Climate Center, Colorado State University
Jeffrey Muehlbauer
Ph.D., 2013 | Advisor(s): Martin Doyle
Research: River ecology

Now at: USGS, Flagstaff, Arizona
Ph.D., 2012 | Advisor(s): Charles Mitchell
Research: Invasion microbial ecology

Now at: Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Wright State University
Sarah Brown
M.S., | Advisor(s): Carol Arnosti
Research: Marine microbial ecology

Joseph Delesantro
Ph.D., | Advisor(s): Diego Riveros-Iregui & Larry Band
Research: Land-use effects on watershed hydrology and solute transport, management implication for downstream water bodies, ecohydrology

Geoffrey Neal
M.S., | Advisor(s): Alan Weakley
Research: Plant Ecology

Travis Wilson
M.S., | Advisor(s): Alecia Septer
Research: Microbial Ecology

Ph.D., | Advisor(s): Joel Fodrie and Niels Lindquist
Research: Oyster reef restoration and conservation, oyster-pest population dynamics

Shawn Griffith
Ph.D., | Advisor(s): Dr. Caela O'Connell
Research: The effects of disasters on people experiencing homelessness in the United States.

Stephanie McFadden
M.S., | Advisor(s): Dr. Paul Leslie
Research: Human-carnivore conflict mitigation, Community based conservation, wildlife conservation, East Africa

Matthew Ungaro
M.S., | Advisor(s): Todd BenDor
Research: Urban ecology, restoration ecology, geographic information systems, planning, stream and wetland ecology

Anastasia Dulskiy
, | Advisor(s): Karl Castillo
Research: Ecophysiology of temperate corals, marine conservation

Eric Scheier
M.S., | Advisor(s): Noah Kittner
Research: Energy Equity, Solar Power, Energy Storage, Net Energy, Emergy, Macro Energy Systems, Environmental Commodities, Clean Technology Deployment, Climate Finance, Socio-Ecological Systems, Sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment.

Quentin Martinez
, | Advisor(s):