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Our mission is to understand and provide solutions to the most challenging resource issues facing our planet.UNC Environment Ecology and Energy Program logo
We explore systems on our planet through basic research and applied solutions. As such, we bring together natural and social sciences to propel North Carolina as a leader in local and global environmental research and innovation. We elevate research into understanding by investigating the diverse and interactive systems that regulate the environment, including consequences for humans and other organisms. We are committed to educating students to improve understanding for future generations.


We offer undergraduate degrees (BA, BS) in environmental sciences and environmental studies and graduate degrees (MA, MS, PhD) in ecology.  Our degrees include tracks in quantitative energy systems (BS) and in sustainability (BA).

We collaborate with professional schools at UNC to create career pathways for our students. Some specific examples include our dual bachelor’s-master’s degrees in environmental informatics (Information Science), environment and science communication (Media and Journalism), and public administration (Government).

Recent News and Science

2021 Environmental Studies Alumnus Kimathi Muiruri becomes Carolina’s 54th Rhodes Scholar

Alumnus Kimathi Muiruri majored in both history and environmental studies. His trajectory at UNC helped him find the intersection between the two, launching his interest in how the destruction of. . .

Jeff Plumlee and Dr. Fodrie featured on WUNC as they celebrate 50-year shark research anniversary with IMS

photo of Jeff Plumlee is a graduate student within UNC-CH's Environment, Ecology and Energy Program (E3P) and a member of the Fodrie lab

WUNC featured Jeff Plumlee (E3P, Ph.D. candidate) and Dr. Fodrie (EMES, Biology) in an article as they celebrated the 50th anniversary of shark research with UNC’s Institute of Marine Sciences.. . .

3 E3P Students Awarded Richard (“Pete”) Andrews Fellow in Environmental Policy

Three E3P students have been awarded the Richard (“Pete”) Andrews Fellow in Environmental Policy. The Andrews Fellowship will be awarded to a rising senior majoring in public policy, environmental studies,. . .