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Field Sites, Capstones, and Internships

Field Sites

A series of field sites are available in North Carolina and around the world where students may take coursework and conduct research for a semester. Apply through the UNC Study Abroad Office.

  • Fall semester field sites are offered at Highlands Biological Station (mountain/ecology), the Institute for Marine Sciences (marine ecology/geology), and the Outer Banks/Manteo (coastal policy and economics).
  • Spring semester field sites are offered on the UNC campus (Sustainable Triangle field site), in Thailand (energy and pollution), and Ecuador (ecology). The Ecuador and Thailand field site experiences incorporate part of the following summer as well.
  • Summer programs are offered at Cambridge, England (energy policy), and in the Galapagos (ecology). In addition, faculty often arrange Burch Program summer educational trips to such locations as Siberia, Russia (ecology and anthropology), the Sierra Nevadas (ecology and physical geography), and northern Europe (energy and sustainability).

Capstones and Other Courses

Possibilities for experiential education include field-site programs described above, APPLES service-learning courses (ENEC 593), Coral Reef Ecology and Management (ENEC 259), Internships (ENEC 393, 493), Capstones (ENEC 698), Research and Honors Research (ENEC 395, 694H).


Students are encouraged to apply for internships in local, state, national, and international environmental organizations. Advisors and staff maintain some information on internship opportunities and try to match students to their best fit. These internships provide valuable practical experience, and some may be conducted for academic credit.